Classroom Sneak Peak!

Like it or not, back to school is one it’s way!  I have been laid up for several days following leg surgery but that hasn’t stopped me from planning for an awesome year ahead.  Now, my room is not quite finished……of course, is it every really “finished?”

Here is a sneak peak!  More to come!


See you soon!

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6 thoughts on “Classroom Sneak Peak!

  1. Hi! Love your room and the parent contact form! You might have this in another place on your page but I have a couple questions!
    I love your Musical Alphabet, where did you find those?
    And also, the frames with what looks like scrapbook paper (that I have seen on pinterest :D ) what do you use those for?

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Beka, thank you for kind words! I got the alphabet from a retired music teacher my first year of teaching. I have no idea on the original source but, over at Melody Soup, there is a free download of one she created you may be interested in.

      The frames are where I put the objectives for each grade level. I see my kids once a week so (usually) I get to leave the same info up there for a week (which is good when you teach 9 grade levels. :)

      Thanks again for your comment and for reading MiscellaneousMe!


  2. What do you use to hang up your objective boards…I’m doing the same thing but my boards keeping falling :( I love your room!!

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