A Rosy Wreath

I saw a wreath like this on another blog and simply fell in love with it.  I’m usually not a decoration person (for seasons or holidays) but this was just so pretty and I’d never made a wreath before.  The actual undecorated wreath came from a garage sale where they were selling them for a $1 each.  Needless to say, I jumped on that. That $1 was the only expenditure for this project because everything else was either given to me or scraps.  It’s not perfect by any means but I do like and it definitely brightens up the door.

The roses are made of felt.  They took the longest to cut out (rectangles with layers of ovals) but I think that it because I was using really crappy scissors.  I didn’t realize they were crappy until I started noticing an indention on my thumb.  The felt was actually given to me by my Beefer’s mom, Mel.  She had a whole bunch left over from something and asked me if I wanted it. I’m not one to turn done crafts.  The leaves are fabric left over from when I made covered canvases in tapestry fabric as decoration in my craft room (Sidenote:  I love using fabric-covered canvases as decoration in my home.  The prints are so pretty and it’s so cheap.  Also, if you get tired, you can change it out easily and cheaply.  Love it!  Also, in the case of the scrap-room, I can tac ideas, articles, or anything really up on them.)

The ribbon came from Hobby Lobby.  I completely ran out after this project so, when I was at Hobby Lobby on Saturday, I bought another roll.  Anyway, I didn’t like the way the ribbon looked on the wreath when it was pulled tight.  I liked the looser look better and the only way I could get it to stay was with hot glue.  I really like how the ruffles (I guess the word is ruffles?) turned out.  It adds a softer look.

So, that’s my rosy wreath for my front door.  It only took a few hours to make and, again, the longest part was cutting the felt for the roses.  I bet it would have taken less time if I had used better scissors to start with.

Thanks for reading!


Passionately Artistic


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