Then, My Mom wanted a wreath…

After I posted my rosy wreath on Facebook, my mother informed me that she would like me to make one for her classroom door.

Problem #1: My mom and I don’t exactly have the same style.  We discovered this when she handed me some fabric she found that was a blue color (and I like blue) that wasn’t very nice with multi-colored letters AND a picnic table cloth print on it as well.  I just about threw up in my mouth after seeing it.  She wanted me to use it for her wreath and it just was not going to happen.

Problem #2:  I’m a control-freak and my mother is control-freak so I had to make one of the rules of me doing this “I have all creative control and power and, if you don’t like it, too bad.”  I know that’s not exactly fair but, hey, I was making a wreath (after only making one other before ever) and I just wasn’t sure how else it was going to work.

Lucky for her (and me so I don’t have to make another wreath for the time-being), she loved it!

She wanted letters (since it is for her classroom and she teaching reading) so I used chipboard letters and painted them to match the color scheme. She, initially, didn’t want me to use felt but I think that was because she wanted something more whimsical than the roses on my previous wreath.

I used three different types of flowers.  In the above picture, the purple flower is made of from a felt square that is cut in a little whirl and then twisted together (and if you understand what I just explained, you are a genius!).  The pink and blue in this image are made by cutting a strip of felt (or fabric) and cutting slits along the strip before rolling it together.  The whirly flower was hard to accomplish with fabric because of the thinner texture so I opted for knotted flower with is made by cutting a strip of fabric (about a yard long and inch wide) and making several knots throughout the entire strip.  It is easier to roll when there is some bulk in it.

I found these super cute wooden shapes at Michael’s.  I wanted something besides flower on the wreath to give it more of a collage feel.  I cut out shapes on the cricut (this is an example of a women at a desk) and decoupaged them onto the wooden pieces (after painting them to match the color scheme).

Anyway, I’m glad she liked it and I’m curious how as to what her students and coworkers will think about it.  Maybe I can start taking orders……and then shut them down and say it’s my way or the highway!  Ha!



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16 thoughts on “Then, My Mom wanted a wreath…

    • You know what Anita? She hasn’t even taken to school yet because she says she likes walking past it (it’s hanging from a bedroom door in the hallway of her house) and she wouldn’t get to see it if were on her classroom door. Ah!

  1. This is such a beautiful project! I wish I was brave enough to do this because it looks fabulous! I love all the colors. Thank you for playing along with us at Scrapbookaholic by Abby this week!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous project! I’ve never tried a wreath before, although I’ve thought about it several times – maybe one of these days I’ll do it. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck from a Scrapbookaholic by Abby DT member 🙂

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