Ugly Shoes

I used to wear cute shoes.  I could wear any heel you gave me and I looked good.  I could walk in the highest heels.  I had calves of stone wrapped in silk.  My feet were cute (as cute as feet can be).  My sister and I would sit and compare.  Her feet were big and yellowish while mine were small and had a pink hue.

Those were the days….

Now, I wear ugly shoes.  Of course, not everyone thinks they’re ugly.  In fact, I get a lot of compliments of my Alegria (butterfly) shoes.


However, they’re not cute shoes.  I don’t feel sexy or girly in them.  I feel like a tired, too old for my actual age, blah.  I feel, in losing the ability to wear cute shoes, I have lost a piece of cuteness and appeal.

I say I’ve lost the ability.  Let me elaborate.  Working full-time in a job where I rarely get to sit down, where I quite possibly may need to chase someone, where I frequently perform dances like the “Hip Hop Tooty Ta” is hard on the feet.  My cute feet began to change with every uncomfortable pair of fabulous shoes.  I began to get blisters and my feet would like they had just come from battle.

The worst happened was when my doctor told me not to wear cute shoes anymore……of course, he didn’t say it like that.  He said not to wear those torture devices known as high heels.  If the pain of not being able to walk by the end of the day weren’t enough, the knowledge of knowing I was going to do some long term damage if I didn’t put away my high heels convinced me.

Now, even to go to church or somewhere besides work, I find myself wear ugly but comfortable shoes.  I still have a few pairs of the forbidden awesomeness but only save them for times when I need that boost that only fabulous shoes can give.


7 thoughts on “Ugly Shoes

  1. Friend, I totally understand how you feel except my “ugly shoes” are tennis shoes. They make me feel boyish 😦 When I try on my “sexy” heels I get my feet screaming “Why would you do this too me…” I miss feeling hot.

  2. As someone who practically lives in Birkenstocks for the summer and just bought a pair of Dansko clogs, I completely understand the non-cute shoe issue. If I dare to put a heeled shoe on (and double dare on my right foot first), I get the immediate urge to kick it off in pain. My pretty & cute shoes are sitting neglected in my closet. It is just so sad….

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