In Memory Album-Intro

I loved my dad.  I don’t think I told him enough how much I loved him and how much I appreciate everything he did for me.  I won’t regret because it does no good.  Instead, I honor him by remembering everything I loved about him and sharing it.

The Christmas after my father died of cancer, I decided to create a scrapbook in memory of him.  That was over a year ago and I work on it slowly and surely.  It has become a soothing experience and a way for me to grieve creatively.

In my Griefshare workbook (I didn’t do the biblestudy but my mom got me the workbook), there was a section on listing all the “jobs” or titles a deceased person held in your life.  The book said it was important to grieve all of those titles.  That became my inspiration to organize the memory album into the different titles my dad had.  I didn’t just lose my father.  I lost a friend, a shopping buddy, a collector, and so on.

I didn’t create this page first but I thought I would use it as the first page to share on this blog.  It is his Christian page.  My father was not a likely candidate to win Christian of the Year (thankfully, that doesn’t exist).  He worshiped in his way and frequented Bedside Baptist.  I never doubted his faith though.

The journaling is the the verses of chapters 139 and 23 of Psalms.  Psalms 139 was chosen because it was the scripture read (or rather spoken) at my dad’s memorial service.  It was also one of the last scriptures he heard as he was visited by a former pastor several days before he passed away.  I noted that this passage was spoken rather than read because my niece, Emma, had memorized this passage in school and a video of her reciting this passage was played.  I also used Psalms 23 because I really like that passage.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post.   There will be more to come about the memory album for my dad.  It is far from completed.

3 thoughts on “In Memory Album-Intro

  1. Hello ….(and I’m sorry, I don’t know your name)…MiscMe. Thank you for coming over to visit my blog and leaving me the suggestion to follow you. I now am! I’m looking forward to getting to know more about you, and seeing more of your crafts. And more of your anything!! I enjoyed scrolling through, and your dear memory book for your late Dad is precious. I’ve been gloriously blessed by having two parents who are both still living and able to enjoy life. They’ve had some rocky roads in a physical sense … Mom’s had “last rites” more times than I care to remember … but they’re still here and kickin’ at 82 and 80. I’m sad that they live 1200 miles from me, and I’ve begged them to come back, move closer. (They left Pennsylvania for the sunny climate of Florida. I HATE that they’re in what I call “God’s Waiting Room”.)

    Anywho, you remind me to document and share what makes them special to me. And — like you did with the wreath you made for your Mom’s classroom door — to share your talent with them so they can be proud in what they’ve given you.

    Thank you for those reminders. OH, and you also reminded me that I’ve left my craft room an utter disaster. Time to go clean!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  2. Hi Ellen! My name is Cara. Thank you so much for becoming a follower and thank you so much for you kind comment.

    What a blessing to have both your parents. My grandmother is in her 80s and I feel so blessed that she is still with us to share her wisdom and history of our family.

    Have fun with the cleaning….wait, is fun the right word? Depends on where you’re cleaning I guess! Though craft room cleaning sounds mighty fun to me!

    Thanks again!

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