Organizer Extraordinaire!

Maybe this is just me but if something can be better, why not make it so?  Before now, my stickers and embellishments were organized in binders that were big and heavy.  It was pain to get them out.  Plus, because of the different sizes of stickers and the like, the pages were lopsided and some were heavier than others.  Before the binders, my stickers were organized in photo boxes that were okay but cumbersome to use.  Before THAT, my stickers and such were in drawers.  This was not useful because it was a free-for-all and everything was dumped in there.  They were organized by how much I liked on a scale of 1-3: 3 being-I love this and can’t wait to use it, 2 being-this is okay or this will be useful, and 1 being-why did I buy this?

Which brings me to…….

I have finally found the best (for now) at least way for ME to organize stickers and embellishments.  I say ME instead of everyone because, duh, everyone is different.  Not everyone is a crazy, hyper-organized spaz who has to be able to”see” it.  I hate forgetting I have something just because it’s tucked away in the back of a drawer.  If I can see it, I will remember to use it.  Plus, some embellishments are so stinkin’ cute that I WANT to look at them even if I’m not sure how exactly I plan to use them.

Now I will say that this was NOT an original idea.  The inspiration came from:

Like the above blog/link, I used the shower hooks from home depot which are a total STEAL!  They are $1.50 for 12 hooks!!  12 hooks!!  Anyway, that was good news for me since I did this project halfway through a pay period in which I was coming dangerously close to not making it to work (because of lack of gas :#).  I ended up buying the entire stock at home depot over the course 3 trips.  I think I’ve used somewhere between 160-200 hooks so far.  I have a couple packages extra.

Instead of getting another dowel rod and having the task of hanging it (i.e. finding someone to hang it for me because I would inevitably be a disaster at that), I used the rod in the closet.  I don’t use the closet in that room for anything but craft storage anyway.  PERFECT!

I, too, used binder clips (which I already had a ton from Sams) and ziploc baggies which seem to grow on trees at my house.

Anyway, so glad to have this project done and useful.  It may not be the prettiest organization ever but it is AWESOME (sung in a high voice)!

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