Getting Older

I don’t know about you but aging takes me surprise. It’s the little things that remind me I’m getting older…..and I’m not even that old!

I’m reminded of my limitations when I try to move a piece of furniture or try to pick up the biggest bag of dog food and I just can’t. It really is a powerless feeling to not be able to do something that you feel you should.

I’m reminded of my changing body when I look at my legs that resemble my Mom’s chicken legs more than the powerful legs that beat the weight-lifting machine (that’s right. They ran out of weights to put on the machine when we doing strength testing in concepts of fitness. I was a hoss!).

I feel the lower back pain, the arthritic hands, the tired feet. I feel the exhaustion of going going all day. I worry that life is racing by and I’m too busy to notice and appreciate it.

Of course, this aging thing is inevitable. There is no turning back of the clock to a time where I could eat whatever I wanted without making myself sick, a time where I could stay up all night and still be functional during the day (albeit tired but still functional), a time where my biggest concerns were homework and how to spend Friday night (this Friday night was spent grocery shopping. I’m so boring.)

Anyway, I guess my depressive rant should end. Thanks for reading!

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