Lamp Shade Re-do

I don’t remember where I got this lamp but I’ve always really liked it. The only problem with that is that it has never really had a place in my home. It doesn’t really match anywhere…..especially when I lean more towards black in most of the rooms. The only room that it could almost go in is the living room but that really has more a traditional cottage-y feel in my mind and this lamp is more modern looking (in my opinion anyway….which, in my house, is all that matters….ha! that sounds harsh!)

Because of the reworking of my bedroom and the fact that I didn’t have a lamp to match to go on the night stand (I require a lamp next to the bed because I have to read or do sudoku to get to sleep. Rarely do I lay down and just go straight to sleep. Plus, I don’t like overhead lighting too much.)…….wow, that’s a lot of random info just to get to the point…..which is: I needed a lamp to match my new bedroom suite.

Using the inspiration of the wardrobe repurpose-ing:

Click to see Wardrobe

I decided to re-vamp this lamp to match. I got this awesome fabric at Joanns for $2!! It was originally $5/yard but they were having 40% off PLUS I had a coupon for an additional 25% off my total purchase. Yes!

Covering this was super easy because of the simple shape. I just hot-glued the over-lapping parts.

After the fabric was finished, I thought it needed something more. Plus, what fun is it to revamp a lamp (that’s right, I said it) if you don’t really go all out? I added this ribbon which matches the blue in my bedroom (don’t you just love this hue of blue (did it again).

I, gently, hot-glued the ribbon. I did’t want a weird glue streak going down the middle of it so I tried to use sparingly and only on the seam.

What else did this lamp shade need? ROSETTES!!!

I’m adding red to my bedroom. Not a lot just a hint.


Now, it has a place. Yay!

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Lamp Shade Re-do

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  2. The rosettes MAKE the re-do!! You’ve inspired me to take my lamps up a notch with a few flowers…because as you said…what is a re-do without some flair??

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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