Organizer Extraordinaire: Part Deux!

So, as much as I love my homemade clip-it up, I need even MORE organization (because, yes, I’m a spaz like that)

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Even though my stickers and embellishments were already categorized, I wanted to add labels. That way, if anyone that wasn’t me (which has happened…..okay once….but someone else has crafted in there and found my crazy organization helpful.) was needing something, they could find it easily. Also, it’s easy to forget what you have when you have a bunch of stuff which, not surprisingly, I do.

I already had these labels from Big Lots.

I just attached to the hangers (note: not beautiful but functional) by folding it over onto itself.

I didn’t use a label on every single hanger but, instead, used them divider style and the first one of that section has a label.

The left side is TYPES of embellishments while the right side (which is mostly stickers) is categories. Does that make sense to anyone but me? Probably not!

Here is the category side with sub-categories:

Seasonal: Birthdays & Celebrations, Winter & Christmas, Fall & Halloween, Spring and Easter, Summer

Family: Sisters, Pets, Baby, General


Love: Black & White, Sentiments, Wedding


School & College



Friendship: General, Self-expression, Sentiments

Hearts, Stars, and Flowers! Oh my!

LOVE IT-this is where my favorite stuff goes 🙂

Here is how the TYPES side is categorized:


Adhesive Ribbons



Folders & Envelopes


Sets (things that match that would otherwise
be categorized somewhere else)



Textures: Chipboard, Flowers,
Jems & Pearls, Misc



Thanks for reading!


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