Easy Fix for Worn Furniture

This nightstand is awesome. It is a good size, made of sturdy and has shelves which are quite handy for someone who reads every night and sleeps next to a bat (just in case…..for windows in case of a fire not people).

Anyway, as you can see, it has been loved and damaged in the process. This piece, the chest of drawers and vanity (all a set) were in my bedroom when I was a teenager and in my brother’s before that. Safe to say, it’s been around a while.

As I’ve been redoing my bedroom, I wanted to do something to this nightstand without doing anything permanent. The rest of the set is still at my mother’s house in her bedroom so painting or anything like that is COMPLETELY out of the question.

This well-loved glass decor piece was in my garage sale bins (leftover from my candle-phase…seriously, I had over 100 candles in a two bedroom apartment). It needed some assistance as well.

Using scraps of the same wrapping paper I used for the insets in the wardrobe repurpose, I covered the glass plate for an easy peasy facelift.

This is an after pic while it is still drying. It’s cold in my house right now (weird Texas weather) so things are taking forever to dry!


Thanks for reading!


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5 thoughts on “Easy Fix for Worn Furniture

  1. Great idea! James and I have some great hand-me-down furniture that needs some love, but we don’t have time or money right now to fully refinish them. Simply adding a covered glass (or plexiglass) top is pretty brilliant, not to mention it’s probably easy to keep clean! (that point is very important for one with as little domestic inclination as I seem to have during the school year) And you can customize it to the current decorating scheme without having to redo the entire piece of furniture. Awesome. 🙂

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