Memory Album-Hippie & Studmuffin

These two layouts are quite possibly the “LOUDEST” layouts I’ve ever created. Most of the time, I’m a lot less robust in my design and color choices.

Funny store about this pic: I was about 14 years old a complaining about my wavy hair. My mom and sister have such beautiful naturally straight hair and the miracle of the hair straightener did not enter my life until I was in college. My dad showed me this picture in an attempt to make me feel better and show me where I got my waves from……yeah, I cried.

Check out how skinny my dad was!

Now, most people would cringe at calling their father a “studmuffin,” but I’m not the one calling him that……because he called himself that and boy did he believe it.

And, yes, this is another loud layout. I can’t decide if I really like it or it I kinda hate it…..the color choices and layering mostly……too much? Eh? Whatev….he was “too much” some of the time too.

To make the title pop, I outlined the cut-out title (from the cricut) with marker.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Memory Album-Hippie & Studmuffin

  1. hiya visiting from catch as catch can and your newest follower too , your layouts are gorgeous , bright and cheery x tfs hpoe to see you at mine sometime too x

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