28 Days-Day 2: Things About Beefer

This is my Beefer, Amy and for Day 2, I’m listing 28 things about her.

1. She is exceptionally kind.
2. She is a godly woman
3. She “gets” my quirks and doesn’t judge them.
4. She challenges me to be better.
5. She is a “hoot”
6. She has a tailless cat with a strange gait.
7. She is super supportive.
8. If you have a problem or a need, she will help you as much as she can.
9. She doesn’t think so but she is very creative.
10. She is an encourager and people gravitate to her.
11. She is extremely generous.
12. She is beautiful inside and out (and I’m not just saying that).
13. She flirts with people without realizing it.
14. She is content just hanging out watching tv.
15. She tries to include everyone and doesn’t want anyone to feel left out.
16. She painted her living room blue.
17. She works at a non-profit.
18. She is my garage sale partner.
19. She once was laughing so hard she drove off the road and got a flat tire……I did not help in this situation.
20. She likes Asian food but doesn’t make me go to Asian food places with her.
21. She has cowboy boots.
22. She looks really good in green and blue.
24. She has bangs now.
25. She is a good singer but she doesn’t sing in public.
26. She is the glue of our little group.
27. She says the word “switzel.”
28. She is one of my favorite people.


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