So Far on Saturday: Button, Fire, Gypsy! Oh My!

Okay, I know, I know…..

I have been quite the spastic blogger here lately. Deal with it!!

With all that’s going in my work life right now, the blog and the crafting (and all the craziness that goes with it) is something I can control in an uncontrollable situation.

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to the state of our finances here in Texas, budget cuts to education are MASSIVE. I was told (officially, though I knew it was coming) on Thursday by the Superintendent that I would not have a job come next year. Better yet, if I don’t CHOOSE to resign by Friday, I will be on the list of proposed terminations.

Why was I chosen to be cut you may ask. The answer is: because I teach a subject that is not REQUIRED by the state. For some reason, Fine Arts (I teach elementary music) is seen as “fluff” by some. I don’t know how much brain based research has to be done to prove otherwise but that’s just the way it is. I’ve done my best to accept this but it is hard to hear that no matter how awesome you are at your job (and believe you me, I am freaking awesome at my job!), you’re being let go because that awesome job you’re doing isn’t seen as necessary.

FYI: It wasn’t just me. All of elementary music in the district is being cut as well as all probationary contract employees (and that’s just the beginning, people).

ANYWAY, the point of this post was to introduce my faithful readers to my new blog button on the right. Isn’t it fantastic? Okay, not really but I was really proud of myself.

In other news, I purchased a Gypsy last night…, you non-crafters, I did not purchase a human to roam and perform musical and/or magical acts for me (though that would be quite awesome). A Gypsy is a tool that connects to your Cricut. You can use it to “mess with” with the images and fonts on the cartridges you have.

This better explains it:

Click to see Gypsy!

After I really get my hands dirty with it, I’ll post some of my projects and a review!

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “So Far on Saturday: Button, Fire, Gypsy! Oh My!

  1. That TOTALLY sucks about your being on the short list of cuts … or at least first off of “Survivor Island”. I’ve been in that position tooooo many times in my life, as my work (PR and Marketing) is seen as a cost center, not a revenue center. In December 2010, I took a long-sought after job (leaving a job I really liked but it wasn’t in my field) for an oppty to grow more into a revenue producer. NINETY-NINE hours into the job (yup, that’s about a month or so, less holidays), it was decided I’m “not the right fit” for the job.

    I kinda feel like the high-priced shoes, worn to the prom, and then returned with the tags slightly worn, for a refund.

    The only good news is that I have qualified for unemployment compensation so I have a small stipend coming in while I look for new employment. The bad news is that I’m older than dirt and not many people want to hire us old folks, even the ones who’ve kept up with technie skills, etc. “Experience” doesn’t matter when you’re only about 10 years from retired. Sad state of affairs. And like you, I am FREAKING AWESOME at my job! Screw the “fit.”

    AND I get more chance to develop my blog and work on crafts, and (hahahahaha) do spring cleaning.

    Question for you — if you “resign” before you make the list, can you still get unemployment? If not, hang in there. And continue to sing!

    P.S. — I have a Gypsy and hate it. LOL. Has to do with old eyes. There’s that OLD thing again. The screen is too freakin’ small. IMHO.

    • Thanks for the sympathy Ellen. I’m actually at a good place with this. I’m planning to resign rather than be terminated which will take away the opportunity for unemployment but I think it is my best interest (at my age and career) that I willingly resign than have to put on future applications that I was terminated. School districts REALLY look down on that (even though it has NOTHING to do with me personally). On a side note, I was a TOTAL mess on Thursday even though I was being assured how wonderful I was doing by my boss and my boss’s boss.

      So far, I think the Gypsy will be fun but I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to mess around a lot with it. I don’t have Design Studio because it’s not compatible with the Mac while the Gypsy is. I hear Cricut Craft Room will also be Mac compatible but you have to be connected to the internet which isn’t always possible.

      Thanks again for visiting and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so sorry to hear about your job. I can’t imagine. The state of things up here in Minnesota aren’t much better. Hope you enjoy you Gypsy. I have a Cricut but don’t seem to use it much. I do much more sewing than papercrafts.

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