Another Decorative “Ball”

After being inspired by Just Sew Sassy, I decided to create one of my own. At first, I wanted to put them on the candle stand that is on top of the wardrobe.

I bought two styrofoam balls at a Church garage sale (no idea how much they were because it was $10 for 3 baskets, the 2 styrofoam balls, a bag of wood blocks, a vintage suitcase, and a trivet.)

Anyway, here is my finished product.

And here is where I put it (since it was too giant for the candle doodad)

Thanks for reading!

The Girl Creative

Texas Monkey


8 thoughts on “Another Decorative “Ball”

  1. I made some of these for Valentine’s. I just love them, so simple to make while watching a movie or something. I love the blue you used. So fun.

    • Thanks Amy! I agree, these would be cute for St. Patty’s Day. Of course, then we could go through all the holidays. Such an easy decoration too!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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