Stamp Storage

My friend, Mrs. Alicia, was over at my house last week and wanted to look in my craft room. When she saw my rubber stamp stand, she was like “Ooo! It’s like at a scrapbooking store!” I don’t know about that. but I do that when I saw this stand for 50% off at Hobby Lobby, I HAD to have it.

It doesn’t hold all of my rubber stamps but I put the excess on the mini shelf on the table. You know me, I have to SEE everything I have or I forget I have it.

Now, for Clear Stamps (Sidenote: NOT an original idea)….

They are in CD cases (which really work because they stick on to the plastic case but are easy to remove to use.

I used mailing labels to…….label them.

Thanks for reading and I hope some of these posts help you organize your supplies.


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