Warning! Lots of Craft Room Posts

Wrapping Paper is wonderful so I tend to have a lot of it. It is a perfect decoupage paper since it is so thin.

However, it is NOT perfect with your cricut. Oh, it cuts alright but your mat will be ruined forever (which I learned the hard way) because it sticks to it completely. Of course, that was a brand new mat so maybe one with less stickiness would do but I’m not up for ruining another mat right now.

Anyway, I keep all my fabulous wrapping paper in this laundry hamper. I went through a brown phase a few years ago and that hamper is from then. It really is perfect for wrapping paper because it is tall and sturdy. I (obviously, why would a laundry hamper say WRAP) added the chipboard letters which came from Big Lots.

Thanks for reading!


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