28 Days-Day 12: Reasons I didn’t post anything yesterday

Good morning!

I didn’t post a list yesterday…..though no one but me noticed.


Anyway, today’s (first) list will be for yesterday and it is reasons I didn’t post.

1.) I spent most of my non-teaching time yesterday tirelessly applying for teaching jobs all of the state of Texas.  It is exhausting.

2.) I found out that a job that I really wanted inside the district is going to be filled by people who were reassigned to it and don’t really want it.

3.) I decided that education must be the only career where the time you’ve been at your job is more important than how effective you are at it.  Seriously, why are valuable teachers being let go and others that are less effective getting to stay just because they’ve been around longer.  That seems backwards to me.  I’m not saying that all older teachers should get the boot but there should be a better scale to determine who is let go and who stays.

4.)  All three of the above reasons caused me to be very depressed so, when I got home, I ate dinner (which was cheesy and terribly unhealthy) and went to bed.

5.)  When I did briefly get up at 9pm, I had to make a notebook of music for orchestra rehearsal because I had issues turning pages with the foot pedal.  I’m an old-school musician…..I like paper and turning pages the regular way.

6.) I then went back to bed and slept all night…….well off and on…..this is what I do when I’m depressed…..I obsess and then crash.

So, that was my day in a nutshell and the reason I didn’t post.  I’m hoping for a better day today but we’ll just see.  I’m already on my way to depressing myself again.

Thanks for reading.




6 thoughts on “28 Days-Day 12: Reasons I didn’t post anything yesterday

  1. Reasons I wish I could fix this for you:

    1.) We are best friends. I should want to be able to fix this for you.

    2.) Although I know the state is screwed up and most districts are quickly running out of funds, I, too, think it is unfair to let go of talented teachers, such as yourself. It hurts you now, but you’re so awesome you’ll land on your feet (apparently you are also a cat). What about those poor, music-less children?

    3.) I know you are passionate about whatever you commit to. It makes you crazy that you couldn’t turn pages the other night at Easter rehearsal because you give your all to whatever you’re doing. You love our 2-year-olds (we’re not lesbians…we teach Sunday School together) and make them feel so special. You love your job and you’ve given it everything you have. I want to fix this for you because, in the world we live in, that type of commitment deserves to be rewarded. But, like you said, its all backwards right now.

    4.) I know you enjoy teaching children music. You like the hours, the summers off, the fact that it pays the bills and you get to do what you love.

    5.) The last reason that I can think of right now (I’m sure there are many more), is because you still have weeks of school left to obsess about this each day. I’m not saying that is a negative thing; its part of your nature. I just wish I could fix it for you so you could really enjoy this part of the year.

    I so wish I could fix this for you (in case I hadn’t mentioned that).

  2. Well you are just precious and if any human could fix this, it would be you my dear friend.

    Thank you for being a friend (and yes, I did just sing the Golden Girls theme song).

  3. Hi! you don’t know me and I am not sure how much this will help. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and found many talented ideas. From what I have read, the J-O-B is your stresser. I live in Oklahoma and have many family members who fight with the same problems you have stated. Good teachers being booted and older less focused teachers being kept because of years on job. keep your Faith, keep your focus, keep your spirit alive. A job that is perfect for you will come your way, so that you may show your talent and skill. Prayers for you my blog-friend.

    • Mickey, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and and you hit the nail on the head! My J-O-B is the biggest stress but it is a stress that I love. I know that what God has in store for me is better than I could plan for myself and I just need to trust in him…..however, that is easier said than done.

      Thanks again for your kind words.


  4. As a fellow teacher, I feel your pain. I agree with you, and you have every right to that cheesy, unhealthy dinner, followed by sleep. Then after that, I hope you find something great in your career. I enjoy reading your blog and will be back to keep updated! Best wishes!

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