28 Days-Day 13: Jobs I COULD do

Good afternoon,

I’m not as depressed today as I was yesterday.  I’ve reminded myself of who is in control and is who has my best interests in mind.

Today, I’ve found myself brainstorming possible jobs I could do in the event that Education thing doesn’t quite pan out.

-Plus Size Exotic Dancer-mos def, I could do this…….there has to be a need for that, right?  I have definitely got the skills.

-Crazy Bag Lady-TECHNICALLY, I’m already there….I mean, I’m already crazy and I already carry way to many bags for a normal person.  DONE!

-Dumpster Diver-as long as I can be assured there is no human feces or critters, I’m up for that.

-Contortionist at the Circus-my doctor did ask me if I was a contortionist…

-Mystery Shopper-however, the mystery is who’s money would I be using.

-Food Critic-I would be an excellent critic of pizza, cheese fries, and basically all foods that are TERRIBLE for your health!

-Craft Room Organizer-as long as I can do WHATEVER I want in the room and be left alone while I do it, this would be a good job for me…..really, organizing anything, I would be good at.  I really enjoy it.

-Taxi Driver a la Mustang-no?  I mean, it would be a one person ride but still…..actually gas is pretty high right now, so nevermind…


Well, there you have it.  My list of possibilities.  We shall see.  I always have “hobo” and “live off the government” too but those are last resorts.

Have a great day!

One thought on “28 Days-Day 13: Jobs I COULD do

  1. I say you become a comedian, you are cracking me up. This is good material keep it in a journal you may be using it at your local open mic night.
    Im glad you are blogging it. it’s good to let it out.
    My house is not to tidy either. When I ask the kids to help me clean, they ask”who’s coming over?” like that’s the only time we clean………these teenagers, well most of the time there is someone coming over. hahaha
    visiting from the link up party.


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