28 Days-Day 14: Reasons I Prefer Baths over Showers

I only shower if I need to wash my hair or if I’m really dirty and a bath just won’t cut it. Some people think baths are gross but I’ve been a life-long fan for the following reasons:

-You can multi-task while taking a bath. For instance, I’m posting this blog from the bathtub. I’ve been known to read, talk on the phone, play sudoku, and eat in the bathtub. Worried about things getting wet? Keep a towel nearby. Worried about dropping in the tub? Water damage makes books look appropriately worn.

-Baths are relaxing. Not that showers aren’t but the sitting down/laying down is a tub perk. I’ve fallen asleep in the tub only once and it freaked me out.

-I like the weightlessness of a bath.

-I do a better job of shaving my legs in the bath. I’m a tall person so it’s easier to reach than the bend and bleed.

-I can stay in the tub a long while and not feel like I’m wasting water. I know baths typically use more water but the water gets more use per drop.

-I like the soaking action. After standing all day, it is soothing.

-I can see if anyone is coming to murder me. In the shower, I would be taken by surprise because of the being in a box.

-Speaking of being in a box, I’m not that claustrophobic (did I spell that right? My bath doesn’t have spell check.) but I don’t like closed doors inside the house. Seriously, all the doors in my house are open all the time (with the exception of doors to the outside, the pantry-so the dog won’t get in there, and the coat closet though I just pretend it doesn’t exist). Only one bedroom has closet doors and that’s because it’s mostly ugly storage crap. Anyway, the point is that I like how open baths are. I don’t feel closed in.

Well I guess that’s it. Now you know. Lol!



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