28 Days-Day 15: Reasons Why My House is in Disarray

If someone (other than Beefer or my sister) walked into my house right now, I would be so horribly embarrassed. There is only one room that is completely clean and that’s the craft room. The room in 2nd place is my bathroom but it’s really not that hard to keep a 4X4 (if that) box clean.

First, I blame not having enough time. I know there are probably many people who work full-time and keep an immaculately clean house but that’s not me. Also, those people aren’t in the middle of moving out of 2 classrooms!

Second, I blame Coco. She makes the biggest messes leaving her toys and snacks all over the house. Plus, she sheds like mad. Seriously, my dining room floor is covered with a disgusting layer of black hair. I sweep it. I mop it. But it always returns.

Then, I blame fatigue. I may be the only 27 year old who spends their Friday night napping, crafting, and then going back to sleep but I don’t care. I’ve just been exhausted lately both mentally and physically. It doesn’t help that I also think I’m hard-core depressed. This RIF has affected me more than I thought it would. I keep reminding myself who is in control but it’s a constant act during these uncertain times.

I don’t really blame being in the middle of redecorating and redoing my house because I chose that but I do think it contributes. Ever since I repurposed my entertainment center into a wardrobe, my tv has been sitting in the floor of the living room because I can’t decide what I want to do with it. The middle bedroom just has overflow from my bedroom in it because I haven’t quite finished in there. My home is a work in progress and the progression is indeed slow.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my whining of a post. All of these reasons are really just excuses. If it bothered me so much, I’d of already cleaned it. Oh well. Let’s just hope no one comes over. 🙂


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