28 Days-Day 16: Things I Got From Curt’s House

I’m cheap. Seriously. I wear clothes until they fall apart (and sometimes even after that), I never pay full price (there have been exceptions but they are few and far between), and I decorate and furnish my house with freebies from family members and garage sale treasures.

You think I’m kidding but the only pieces of furniture in my entire house that I bought new were 4 ottomans, a pillar and a Walmart tv table. That’s it in my 3 bedroom fully furnished house……and I’ve lived in my own place for over 4 years!

Told ya, I’m cheap.

Today, Mom and I went to visit my brother, Curt, at his house because he’s a purger and wanted us to look through his cast-offs. He’s moving soon and moving seems like the perfect time to downsize.

Here is a list of what I took:

-2 sit-around decorative thing-a-ma-jigs
-A lamp with a white shade (perfect for repurposing)
-A phallic looking basket (no lie)
-A crap ton of wrapping paper and a fancy wrapping paper bag
-a big tan bowl
-a cheese grater
-2 green stools (already in the craft room for extra seating)

So, there are my free treasures of the day. Thanks Big Bro!

Just FYI, this trading and giving goes both ways. I have returned the favor via my old laptop, my iPod, DVD shelves, etc. Not that we keep score or anything though he did mention to his girlfriend that, if she wanted to see what his house looked like 6 years ago, to come visit my house. It’s true though it’s really more of a combination between his house and my mother’s house.

As I told you before, I’m cheap!

Thanks for reading!


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