28 Days-Day 20: Things about 2 Little (Yet Big) Parts of My Life

So, today (actually, yesterday because I’m a day behind) I thought I would post the things about two little girls who take up a big portion of my heart.  I have known each of these special young ladies since the day they were born and, i gotta to say it, I love them…..more than words.

These two little girls I’m so fond of are my nieces.  Emma (left) and Maya (right).  This picture is a few years old but I just love it.  It is so sweet!

Emma is the oldest.  She has a lot of personality traits I see in myself: the embarrassment of making even the tiniest mistake, the competitiveness (to a fault really, we’re both crazy competitors).  She is also exceptionally smart.  She watches people and wants to understand them.  She is not one to do something because she’s told to.  She wants a reason.  She is very compassionate and has a huge heart when she lets you in to see it.  Emma is also hard-working.  She loves to go and do and is always on the move.  I admire her motivation and her desire to constantly learn and create.

Her sister, Maya has to be the most loving kid ever.  She has the sweetest spirit I’ve every witnessed and she is quite the cuddler.  She also has the cutest (and most unique) accent.  It’s kinda sounds French because of the “schwa” sound to her words.  I admire her contentedness.  She is perfectly happy to sit in my lap all day.  The girl likes to lounge.

I love their relationship to one another.  They’re not perfect by any means and they get on each other’s nerves but, at the end of the day, they are each other’s best friend.

Anyway, this post really doesn’t do them justice.  They’re awesome.  Let’s leave it at that.

4 thoughts on “28 Days-Day 20: Things about 2 Little (Yet Big) Parts of My Life

  1. they are just precious! what cute little girls.

    I have 3 nieces. (all growed up now- gosh I feel old) actually they are , I think…19, 21, 23. I wanted to be close and be a fun/good aunt- but it never happened. not that I am a bad aunt- I am just not the sister in law my SIL hoped for and she always seemed to avoid me.

    anyway- love those nieces and enjoy them!

  2. Cara-I am pretty nuts about my niece too! She is 19 now and I wish she was small again. She has lived with me since birth and just recently moved out after getting married! I feel lost, but she still returns when she knows Auntie M has something or can do something she needs or wants. Enjoy them lil angels.

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