Decorative Bunting

I had wanted to try a bunting project for a while but didn’t really have a purpose……so I made up a purpose.


Pink foil wrapping paper
Black Cardstock
Yellow Cardstock
Creative Memories-Circle Cutter
Pink Scrap Ribbon
Chipboard Letters
Black Ribbon
Hot Glue & Gun

After cutting the wrapping paper into triangles, I set them to the side to create the actual sign-age part.  I made a foldy-circle-y thing (don’t you just love my use of the crafting lingo?) out of black cardstock and adhered scrap cardstock to the back to keep it in place.

I cut out circles of yellow cardstock, added the ribbon, and glued the chipboard into place all on to up the aforementioned foldy-circle-y things.

The hardest part of the this project was the black cardstock circles.  I’m going to have to research to see if there is a better way to make them the the way I did.  Surely, there is because I actually struggled with them.

After I finished all of the pieces, I added black ribbon to the back and hung across the door frame of the closet with tacs (my friends).

This was really just an experimental craft because a) I wanted to make a bunting banner because I think they’re way cute and b) I wanted to see if this was a viable option in the event I want to make one for something/someone in the future.  It’s always to good to try something new without pressure so that it’s easy when the time comes that it needs to look good.

Thanks for reading!


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