28 Days-Day 21: Reasons I Love My Town!

I have so excited to report my blog hitting almost 7000 views in 5 short weeks but that does make a little timid about sharing personal information like exactly where I live.  I’m a safety freak and extremely paranoid.  Plus, I’ve been noticing a few links in that are from weird places that aren’t even real and, though those are few and far between, that worries me a tad.

Anyway, I started this blog to share with people and that’s what I intend to do but I’m going to live out specific details…..I think that’s what most people do anyway.

Alrighty:   TO THE LIST!

I have lived in one town for most of my life.  The only time I didn’t live here in ______ Texas was when I went to college in West Texas.  Other than that, I’ve only lived here.

Okay, I need a word to substitute……..okay Theynothischevy will be my term for where I live specifically…..I’m such a nerd.

Being a home-body who likes the familiar is one reason Theynothischevy is a perfect place for me to live.  It is close enough to stores and restaurants I like but not busy enough it takes me twenty minutes to get anywhere.  Most everywhere I go, is within just a few miles.

My Beefer lives here.  So does my mom and sister.  Like the saying goes, Home is where your Mom is.

I like my house.  It is the perfect size for one person with multiple personalities………ha!  Again, that’s why I’m miscellaneousme not onlyoneinterestme.  I, of course, have a room for crafts and all the other necessary rooms like bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, and living room, but I need the extras.  My mom and I discuss the future if I don’t get a job in the next few months and we talk about her moving in with me.  I’d have to go down to one room…….I told her I’d put an air mattress in my bedroom!

I am thinking about turning the third bedroom into a tv room.  I have a tv in the living room but, in the event guests come over, I don’t want people to see all the remotes in the recliner and the pieces of dog bone on the floor.  I’d rather hide that in a bedroom and keep that area clean.   We’ll see how that goes.

BACK ON TOPIC: I love my love the restaurants here.  Add a Pasados and a Red, Hot, and Blue and I’d never need to leave to go eat somewhere else.

I also love the stores though it would be nice to add, let’s say, a Hobby Lobby and a Half Price Books.  Maybe in the future.  I think my business alone would warrant them putting a Hobby Lobby in Theynothischevy.

Well, I guess that’s it.  I thought there would be more when I started this post but I guess I’ve said it all.  Theynothischevy is a great place to live.  A lot of people that grew up here swear they’re never coming back but I never did.   It’s home.

Where do you live (state-wise) and why do you love it?  I’d love to learn about you!

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “28 Days-Day 21: Reasons I Love My Town!

  1. Hey! I live in San Jose, CA – Silicon Valley! Lovely place, but I agree with you about Home is where your Mom is – mines in England and that’s where home is to me! Still, enjoying California!
    Lisa, from Frugal Friday Blog Hop!

  2. I was born in Texas but transplanted at the wee age of 4 mos to Oklahoma. That is where I call home. I envy you( in a good sort of way). having a craft room all to your lonesome! ahh the fun and joy I could have. some day my craft room will come!

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