28 Days-Day 23: Reasons I Call My Best Friend Beefer

I’m a nick-name person. I grew up in house with Daddio-Paddio, Carla-Mama, Curty-Bongo, and Dooger Baby. I was known as Pookie. Shocking, I know.

That’s just a sampling. I could go on and on about Curt-Man, Roda, and Nanner.

We even nick-name the pets: Coco-Moco, Chloenoscopy, Sandy One Nut….you get the idea.

So, it should be no surprise that other close relationships get branded with their own nick-names.

The term Beefer originated from the appropriately named title of BFF (or more obnoxiously known as Best Friend Forever.) Although calling Amy (her actual name, go figure!) my BFF would be true, we are not 14 years old and therefore should not be using the vernacular one might find on Lisa Frank Stationary. Some adults call their best friends “Besties” but that sounds like testies as in testicles and I can’t use that.

When you combine the letter “B” as in Best with the “F” sound from Friend, it becomes Beef. Add the last two letters of Forever and there you have Beefer. A nick-name for the not-lame (although that is questionable…..the lame not the name).

Now, because of the aforementioned use of nick-names, Beefer usually becomes something like Beefs, Beeferoni, Beefs McGee, Beef Wellington, Beef Fajitas, Frank and Beefs, etc.

I will go ahead and state that I didn’t make up the word Beefer. It is a C@$$€¥-ism (a word my family and/or others use but no one really knows the origination)

Well, there you have it.

Short version:
I like nicknames.
BFF sounds lame.
Bestie sounds like testie.
Beefer is a family word therefore it is inherently awesome.

What do you call your Beefer? Feel free to call your’s whatever title you so choose instead of spazzing like me.

Thanks for reading!

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