28 Days-Day 27: Crafts from Nontraditional Supplies

Okay, I am completely fascinated by crafts that are made from less than traditional supplies. I think that is why I love repurposing.

Anyway, here are my top picks of recent super-cool projects/crafts made from nontraditional supplies.

I LOVE this box made from Cupcake Liners (I know! Amazing, right?) The tutorial seems easy enough. It is posted Camilla Fabbri on her blog, Family Chic

Check out this gift box made from a leftover ribbon spool. Isn’t it darling? It was made by Kelly and Jill who create party favors in their etsy store (Click HERE for etsy store). It was posted on a really cool blog called Going Green Crafters and Artists. There is a tutorial for this project at that site as well.

This project would be a perfect one for kids…….okay for me too but really, I know Emma and Maya would love making this and using it. Can you believe it started out as a file folders? File folders are crazy cheap too (if you shop discount like I do!) You can see it at Bursts of Creativity

Okay, not only are these little tea-cups adorable but this is such a great recycling project as well. These little tea-cups were made from Easter eggs!! That’s right! What a great way to use them off-season and give them a little life after the holiday. Love it!! You can see it The Moody Fashionista

This way cute signage is courtesy of A Recovering Craft Hoarder. It was made from CDs! This craft is totally doable (she provides a tutorial). I have a ton of coasters (what we call CDs that turn out to be crap) at my house.

Alrighty there….looks like you have some crafting to do. I bet many of you have a lot of these supplies already at your house…..okay, maybe everyone doesn’t have ribbon spools but that’s about the only one you wouldn’t find in a non-crafter’s home.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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