Memory Album-Chef & Enthusiast

I haven’t really been crafting like I want to lately and therefore haven’t been blogging like I have in previous weeks.  Anyway, I decided to post layouts from the memory album that I hadn’t posted yet so, it’s still new content just not brand new crafts……it’s still like these past few months but most of these layouts are pre-blog.

Alright, now that we got all the preliminary info out of the way…..

I’ve been working on a memory for my father who passed away after an unusually short battle with cancer.  By the time he was diagnosed, he was already stage four.  He passed away less than 4 months from his diagnosis.  I’ve been working this memory album since.

First of all, don’t you just LOVE the marker stains on my scrap table?  This poor table has had nothing but damage done to it since being in my possession.  This is his chef page.  His final job on his multi-faceted career path was that of Bakery Manager at Brookshires.  He really did enjoy that job…not only for the constant baking but getting to interact with people.  He was also a master steak griller…..boy do I miss his steaks and burgers…..okay now I’m getting hungry.

He also did all the food for the reception of my Senior Recital.  For those who are not crazy music people, a senior recital is like the final exam for a college level music program.  It encompasses everything you’ve learned during your musical education and you are graded as such.  It is a stressful but great experience.  There is usually a reception following such an event and mine was full of delicious food….too bad the evening was full of drama and I didn’t really get to enjoy it because I was horribly embarrassed……I won’t go into that experience any further…..

The next page in this album is his Enthusiast Page.  I guess I get my love of many things from him.  Just pictured are examples of his collection of African masks, star wars and star trek memorabilia and cowboy attire.  He enjoyed square dancing and had partners ranging from my grandmother to myself….my mom is in there somewhere to. 🙂  He was indeed a Rod of all traders.

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Thanks for reading!


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