Happy Mother’s Day

Most people who would write a post honoring their mother think their mother is the best…..but they would be wrong…..just kidding….

My mother is the best mom for me.  It could have to do with the fact that our personalities are so mirrored and it sometimes scares me how alike we really are.  It could have to do with the fact that she is kind and self-sacrificing.  It could be that she would drive 2 hours after she has worked all day and sit through the most boring ceremony ever just to see me walk across the stage for 3 seconds.

Whatever the reason I decide to give in the moment, I feel so blessed to have as my mother.  She is a voice of reason to my wildest highjinks.  She is a comforter to a broken heart.  She is a godly woman that gave an example of how a woman should live in this fallen world.

She is the reason I am where I am today.  As a musician herself, she passed on a love of music and challenged me to learn the piano and better myself through the arts.  She didn’t push me to do what she wanted and let me experience other activities as well like dance, basketball, band, drill team, choir, church activities.  If I wanted to try it, she helped me get there.

As a teacher, she encouraged me to apply for my first teaching job at the same school she worked at.  Although we didn’t see each other during the day and were on opposite sides of campus, she was always an encourager during even my best and most horrible moments.  She is still my encourager through my successes and through my failures.  She has seen me at my lowest and at my best and loves me through it all.

As a Christian, she encouraged me get into the word through bible study and activities in the children’s and youth ministries.  She continued my passion for music combining it with my love for my Savior.  She taught me how to balance the art of performance while maintaining a heart of worship and giving the glory to God.

As a woman, she taught me how to put on a bra, that nothing good happens after midnight, and not to go naked-legged…..too bad that last one didn’t stick but pantyhose are out people.  She taught me how to love a husband and children when that times comes.  From her, I learned how to persevere through the most difficult of situations and how to take care of my family in their time of need.


Thank you for loving me and being the kind of mother and woman I can aspire to be.

I love you….more than words.



9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. My sweet Cara,
    Your words touched my heart and brought floods of tears down my cheeks. What an honor to have your children “rise up and call you blessed.” Thank you,
    Love you more than words,

  2. very sweet
    Happy Moms Day ….I guess it should last all weekend at least
    Come by and see what Im up to lately
    I love nature and art and my family and friends are so inspiring to me

  3. Very sweet post! I’m very close to my mother too! We’re very blessed!

    I’m hopping by from the blog hop! Congrats on being “Hot Blog of the Week!” I don’t see a place to “follow” you! I will continue to look. Hope you can hop by and let me know how to follow you!

    Have a great week!

  4. Hello, I see you are the featured blogger, and I came by to see why…it is an easy thing to see…this is a beautiful tribute…you and your Mom are very fortunate to have each other…Pinkim from trulysimplypink

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