My Thoughts on the Cricut Gypsy

First, I have to wonder……are they about to phase out the Gypsy just as I’ve finally bought one?  I know the Expression 2 has just recently come out and the Cricut Craft Room beta is running but the sale prices kinda scare me….also Michaels apparently isn’t carrying them at all anymore which is another worrisome fact.  I guess I shouldn’t worry about it if I like the Gypsy….which so far I do….but what if something better comes along in like 3 months?

Oh well, I just bought mine about a month ago.  Hobby Lobby was running a sale on them for $99!  That’s the cheapest I had ever seen them (by the way, they are running that sale again if anyone is interested).

After I bought it, I played with it for a little while but I’m a purpose driven person and I don’t work well with something unless I have a direct purpose for it and I didn’t have a direct purpose for it…..until now.

I have a music program at school on Thursday for kindergarten and 1st grade and I usually make all my own decorations (mostly because I don’t like to ask people for help with things I can do for myself and I don’t like to inconvenience others).  Since it’s Thursday, I like to start early and decided to give the Gypsy a whirl.

So far, I’m loving it!  It’s fast.  It’s easy to maneuver (and if you need help there’s a quite a collection of youtube videos and you can search for what specific task you want to do).  Also, it’s portable.  I dig it.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and are in regards to my own experience.  This information is for entertainment purposes and is to be used at your own risk.


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