What a Week in Crafting #1

There are so many talented crafters and creative minds out there that I’ve decided to post my favs (which are SO hard to narrow down) from the week.  I HOPE to do this every week but we’ll just see what happens.

#1: Funk-afying your Theromstat

This is so cute and I can’t wait to Funk-afy my thermostat as well. I saw in on Dream Home DIY which is written by Michelle and Justin! Seriously, isn’t this way cute! Check out their blog. They have great tutorials about diy remodeling projects.

#2 Remake of Home

How much do I love this project? So much I can hardly stand it! I want to make one SO bad….this will definitely be on my summer crafts list. LOVE!

This way cute project is on the Crate Paper Blog and was made by Larissa. I love that she shares a tutorial because, like I already said, I’m definitely making this one. Check out the tutorial HERE

#3 DIY Door Frame decor and Tutorial

This project makes me smile. I just think it’s adorable. It can be found on Love People, Like Things which is written by Lindsey. Check out her tutorial HERE

#4 Shabby Chic Chandelie

Oh My Gosh!  Isn’t this precious!  It wouldn’t go anywhere in my house but I simply adore it!  This project was created by Megan at The Mrs. but was posted over at Vintage Wanna Bee. So cute!

#5 Picture Frame Cabinet Doors

Mom, can I PLEASE do this to the cabinets in my kitchen (I rent my house from her)?? Isn’t this darling?

This project was created by Nike at Choose to Thrive. She has a wonderful tutorial.

Please Mom! Please?!?!?!?!?

Well, there you have the crafts that really caught my eye this week. Stay tuned for the next edition of WHAT A WEEK IN CRAFTING!


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