30 Day Film Challenge: Movie You Hate

I HATE Secret Window…..It’s about a man who goes crazy and, you know what? People go crazy! Ghosts, Vampires, they don’t bother me because they don’t exist…..okay, some of that could be questionable but it’s unlikely I would every come into contact with them. Crazy people, however, exist….and are everywhere!

This is why I hate this movie and find it horrifying.

That’s all.

5 thoughts on “30 Day Film Challenge: Movie You Hate

  1. O.M.G. LOL! I have never seen this movie but you are right, crazy people are EVERYWHERE! lol My husband and I will say things like “I see crazy people and they don’t know they’re crazy” (we sometimes change it to stupid people too, lol). This is hilarious. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I want to follow yours in my reader but I can’t figure out how! lol 🙂 Chris

    • Good morning,

      For some reason, there are some incompatibilities between blogger and wordpress. I follow through Google Reader and there doesn’t seem to be any problems through that. If you’re on twitter, you can follow my twitter feed (@miscmecara) to see when new posts show up!

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. Peter Pan, Disney movie came out when I was a little kid, in the 1940’s and I did not like the mean captain Hook. There were just so many things about the movie I did not like and scared me as a child. I did not take my children to see it or have them watch it on TV. I know they know the sotry so they saw it somewhere, but I did nto show them the Disney version.

    • Wow, I’ve never heard of anyone having that much of an issue with a Disney movie. I actually love the Mary Martin version. We would watch that one way more than the Disney version when we were kids. It’s greatness to see if performed live.

      Thanks for reading! I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments to these challenge posts.

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