What a Week in Crafting #2

Good evening all! I should be packing, writing lesson plans, ironing my hair, working on the school album but no, I’m here with you…..which is where I want to be, don’t get me wrong….but I have SO many other things that I HAVE to get done that I’m procrastinating.

Oh well, I said I wanted to do features every week and that’s what I’m going to do……even it’s a tad late….

ANYWAY, these are different projects that caught my eye this week. Check ’em out and give these crafters some love!

Frame for Garage Door Opener as seen on My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Fabric Flower as seen on Delightful Order

Gallery Wall from Embracing Change

Great job ladies!! Can’t wait to see what these fantastic crafters come up with next.

On a side note, I plan to make a featured button but it will probably have to wait until after the next 9 days of school. The end of year is always SO busy so if I don’t do as much posting, you all will know why……unless, I do what I’m doing now and procrastinate the stuff I HAVE to do for the things I WANT to do………Oh well…..

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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