30 Day Film Challenge: Fav Film from Fav Director

My favorite director is Steven Soderbergh.  On that note, I’ve quite decided that I’m not really qualified to do these challenges because I don’t watch movies to educated myself or judge their quality.  I watch movies purely for the enjoyment of escaping reality and being transported to another time, another place, another life.  I guess I just don’t take movies seriously enough for these challenges.  I mean, I’m still going to do them and finish it out but don’t be looking for an insightful, original critique on modern cinema.

Anyway, my favorite movie from director Steven Soderbergh is Ocean’s 11.  He also directed Out of Sight with George Clooney which is also one of my favs…..from a couple days ago actually.  Soderbergh has also directed some other movies I really enjoy like the other Ocean’s movies and Erin Brockovich, 

I wish I was cool enough to pull off a caper……a girl can dream.

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday!


One thought on “30 Day Film Challenge: Fav Film from Fav Director

  1. I LOVE Ocean’s 11 and 12!!! Great movies!!! Thanks for stopping by Truly Lovely and commenting on my thermostat question!!! We have NO shade… But I’m hoping to get some trees planted for the future! 😉

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