School Scrapbook: Part 2

Since this scrapbook is due Saturday, I have GOT to get going at it.  This evening, I did four pages so here they are.

Some notes:
Pictures are blurred for the privacy of the people in the photos.
Pictures are fuzzy because I took them with my phone.
You can find the Part 1 Post HERE.

C is for Custodial Staff

I’m actually very proud of this very simple page. The broom was cut from the My Community Cricut cartridge and I glued pearl beads to the bottom so that it looks like it’s sweeping them up.

D is for Dedication

This page is not my usual.  I kinda went nuts on the funky letters.  Thoughts?

E is for special Education

J is for Joy of 5th Grade

Sorry about the blurred pictures.  Again, it’s for privacy.

Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been up to today. I have GOT to get this finished.  Send good thoughts for finishing.


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