What a Week in Crafting #3

This edition of What a Week in Crafting is going to be a tad different…..for two reasons…..

FIRST, it’s late because it’s not the end of the week….oh well.

SECOND, it’s not actual projects I’m sharing with you today but some tools and an article I found interesting.

Why Everyone Should Scrapbook by Debbie Hodge

This article provides good information for those who say that can’t scrapbook or that they don’t have time or whatever.

My Cut Search

This site is a search engine for images on Cricut cartridges. Yesterday, I put in the word clean and it brought up several images without me having to search through all of my cartridges. Now, I only had one of the carts it brought up but it was still quite helpful.


Are you pinning yet? I gotta say, I’ve gotten addicted to pinning things on pinterest. It is an online pin board where you can post your inspiration or ideas you want to remember.  I’ve always been a collector of inspiration. I’ve been cutting out of magazines since I had scissors but this is so much handier. LOVE!

Well, that’s my weird edition of What a Week in Crafting. Hope you find a couple of these sites interesting.

Thanks for reading!


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