1st Week of Summer: Ch, ch, ch, changes…..

As my Mom has been saying, the dominos are falling into place.

I got a call Monday saying that District S (the new school) needed me to come sign what I thought was my contract and meet with the superintendent.  He likes to meet with all new hires.

So, my Mom, Caitlan, and I made the four hour trek down there and stayed with my uncle.

Well, I didn’t get to sign my contract because the board has to approve it first and the superintendent would not approve it to the board until I met with him.  So, instead, I signed a letter of intent instead and did paperwork.  I DID get to see my classroom though which is an entire BUILDING!


This area is the classroom portion.  Of course, it is messy right now since it’s summer.  Of course, I must say, MY classrooms from District C were left very clean but that’s just me and I don’t like to leave a mess.  Wow, that sounded snarky……didn’t mean it that way but this will be the third time I walked into a mess.

Like I said before, I have my own building which includes this classroom as well as my own bathroom, storage closet (that is enormous) and office.  This is new, I’ve never had an office before.

As you can see, there are windows that look out of the office into both the hallway (which goes from the entrance to the classroom with the bathroom, storage closet, and office entrances) and the classroom.  It will be great to have an office separate from the classroom.  I think I might get a mini fridge for my office.  🙂

Now, finding a place to live in a new place is a whole other story….

We set aside Wednesday to look for apartments.  I decided on an apartment rather than a house for safety reasons.  I don’t think I could get a house in a neighborhood I would feel safe in for the amount of money I’m willing (and able) to pay.  The only problem with an apartment rather than house is that I have a black horse…..oops, I mean dog who I love dearly but it a mess wherever she goes.  After weighing personal safety versus having my dog, I decided to rent an apartment for a year and reevaluate.  Luckily, my mother said she would take care of Coco during this time and we can make other arrangements as need be.

See how small it is??  I rent a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house for the amount of rent that this sucker is going to cost.  That’s kinda depressing but I don’t want to move my stuff so downsizing it is.  The location is quite wonderful though.  It is a nice neighborhood and only 2 miles from a HOBBY LOBBY!  Also, it’s only a 7 miles (12-15 minutes….we drove it to see) from my new school.  The past two years I’ve driven 85 miles a day and it is exhausting so this will be a nice change.

Thursday, we came home…..It was a leisurely drive.  We stopped at Posados and ate lunch (YUM), Ikea to walk around a bit and then again at this little Czech bakery to get some sweet treats.

When I got home, it hit me again.  The excitement for a new job and new location was completely overshadowed by the overwhelming plans and decisions that are in the process and the changes that are being made.

Which brings us to today…..So far, I cleaned out my music cabinet and separated into piles for school, move, and sell.  I also cleaned out rubber stamps and put about half of them with the garage sale stuff…..which, if you’re a North Texas person and a garage-saler, my garage sale is going to be HUGE!!!!

Alrighty, then, thats the week in review.

If you have any moving tips, I’d really appreciate them.





2 thoughts on “1st Week of Summer: Ch, ch, ch, changes…..

  1. Cara, I feel for you … in both the positive and negative senses of the word. Excitement and trepidation!!! I admire your strength and positive attitude. That said (and other than the fact that I wish I was in North Texas to come to your garage sale — don’t forget, if you have any leftovers, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure” and I’d be happy to take any “trash” off your hands!!) …. here is my moving tip:

    Do not pack your dishes and glassware in paper or newspaper. Instead, wrap them in your (clean) towels, linens or clothing. That way, you don’t have to wash your dishes and glassware after unpacking, and you’ve “packed” your linen closet along with your kitchen at the same time.

    PACK an “essentials” box that goes with you in your car, on the front seat. It should include stuff like paper towels, toilet paper, drinking water, Advil/Motrin, all-purpose cleanser, a flashlight, matches, soap/towel, clean outfit w/underwear… in other words, stuff you’d need come hell and high water.

    • Ellen,

      Thank you for the tips. I really appreciate your faithful reading and commenting. I’ll definitely need to get on that essentials box!

      Thanks again!


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