Wreath for my Classroom Door

Technically, this is for the building door that leads to my new classroom but that’s too long for a title.

Since I am putting off packing by crafting, I decided to make a wreath for my classroom door.  I DID unload the living room nook cabinets, got everything off the walls in both the living room and dining room, went through the entire dining room, and started in the kitchen…….but I’m far from done.  It’s just so boring to move.  I want to bob my head and blink my eyes I Dream of Jeannie Style and be moved and all done.

If only…….

Anyway, back on topic!

Here is my new classroom wreath!

Here is a close-up of the top right corner and links to tutorials for the different types of fabric flowers.

Pom Pom Tutorial By Cara

Petal Flower from the Fickle Pickle

Mini Pom Pom-Same as Regular just smaller…..duh

Well, there you have it.  As always, thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Wreath for my Classroom Door

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