Tools for Staying Organized and Sync-ed

Disclaimer:  I am not a spokesperson for ANY of the following services.  I am just a lowly consumer with some tips to share about some tools I use to stay organized and to keep track of my ideas (and the ideas of others that I want to copy…LOL)

I’ve already told you about Pinterest which I LOVE!

In case you missed it, Pinterest is an online tool that can be used for an inspiration boards.  I have had notebooks with cut-out images from magazines, spirals with my ideas listed, and actual boards to pin things to that I like but this takes the cake.  I have about 40 boards and growing.  Everything from ideas for my classroom to party ideas to cute hair styles to ideas for my new apartment is neatly organized onto these boards where I can see at glance things that have inspired me.  There’s a tool for your internet browser so you “pin” as you surf and, yes, there’s an app for that!

Here is a  is an example of one of my pinboards.

Right now, unless something has changed while I’ve been typing, you have to have an invitation code to get an account but you can request from the site and wait a couple days OR you can email a use (like me) to send you an invite via email.  I’d be more than happy to invite anyone who wants to join the awesomeness of this site!

My next tool to share with you has been around for a while now but, I use it daily.  That tool is Read It Later.

Have you ever been searching the internet for something specific and see something else that catches your eye but you just don’t have time for?  That’s what Read it Later is for.  So many times, I’m online and see something I want to read but either don’t have the time to do so right then or don’t have the attention I want to give it.  I just press the Read It Later icon in my browser and it adds to my list.  Above is the first page of my list (yes, page….I have seven unread pages as of right now).  There is an app for this one as well and it downloads the webpages you save to read later to your phone so that you can read them on the go with or without an internet connect.  This is handy when stuck in a long line somewhere or waiting on someone.  I don’t like to waste time (unless its of my own making) so this helps me feel like I’m still being productive in those situations.

Another neat bookmarking tool is Springpad.

Now, you may be thinking, if Pinterest is as great as you say and Read it Later holds your One-Read-Wonders, whats the point of yet another bookmarking tool?  Well, some websites don’t have pictures which is the basis of Pinterest and some things I want to keep and not read once and delete.  So, there is Springpad.  As you can see, the layout is much like the pinboards on Pinterest but more like the folder style in your Documents folder on you computer.  This is MAINLY where I organize websites that have lesson plans or online tools for students.  Like the tools above, Springpad also has an add-on for your browser so you can “spring-it” while you surf.  It, too, has an app so you have your bookmarks wherever you are.

Finally, there is Dropbox.  Ever do something on one computer that you need later on another computer? For example, I may write some of my lesson plans at home sometimes or work on the paper program for a performance.  I could email it to myself back and forth OR I could use an external drive to transport from one computer to the other OR…..I could Dropbox.  Files saved on one computer using Dropbox are automatically synced to any other devices you link your dropbox account too.  Since I worked at two schools, that meant I could save something on my home computer and it would sync to the computers at BOTH schools as well as my phone so I can have my documents on the go.

Dropbox has also proved helpful with music for church.  After being invited to the folder for the Easter service back in April, I could not only see all of the music we were doing but be up to date with any changes as they were happening.  Pretty cool, huh?

Want to here the best thing about ALL of these tools?  They are ALL free!  Dropbox is free up to 2GBs of space but I haven’t come close.  Of course, I only keep things in there I think I will need to have available on all of my devices.  I’m not one to keep EVERYTHING out there if it’s not necessary.

I hope this post has been helpful.  I know it sounds like a lot but, with so many excellent ideas and so much information out there, it’s helpful to have tools that keep it accessible and organized.  If you have any questions about any of these services don’t hesitate to ask either through a comment or via email (miscellaneouscara (at) gmail (dot) com).  I’d love to help in any way I can.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Tools for Staying Organized and Sync-ed

  1. I love Read it Later and DropBox. I am really intrigued by Pinterest and have been on the “wait list.” Would LOVE to get an invite so that I can start pinning! Great post! Thanks!

  2. I’m new to websites etc.. But w/ OCD I need your kind od ideas and help as I follow along. Please send another invite. Gigi

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