And, the obsession has begun…..

I’m an obsessor….not on purpose so much as it just happens.  Something grabs my attention and its ALL I can think about…..Seriously, it’s like a disease that infects my brain with constant thinking and obsessing……..about……


School doesn’t start for another 7 1/2 weeks and I can’t even get into my classroom for 5 1/2 weeks (unless of course I want to drive 5 hours each way in the next two days just to pick up keys……yeah, not happening…..).  Even so, I’ve already started obsessing about the new school year.  I would say that it’s because of the fact I’ll be at a new school but I do this every summer.  I relax about 3 weeks or so and then I marathon plan for school.  One summer, I did the entire year of lesson plans (that of course had to be tweaked because, in my excitement, I forgot to account for all the things that come up and programs and all that.) Another summer, I burned ALL of the music in my classroom to my computer so I could have it all digital and not have to mess with all the cds……..but then, of course, my external drive that I had it all on died and I had to do it all over AGAIN…..yuck!

Anyway, this year, I’m not being near as productive.  Of course, I’ve gotten my lesson plans down to an art and do them weekly because it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to plan ahead with any degree of certainty.  There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel there.  Being at a new school means tweaking old programs for performances.  They haven’t seen them and it saves time during first year at a new place madness.

So, if all the boring (yet highly essential) stuff is already either done or better done as the year progresses, what am I up to?  Why planning how I’m going to DECORATE my classroom!  I’m SO excited about all the space I’m going to have especially when you figure an office (CRAZY excited about that biz).  Plus, since I’m only going to be at one school and I don’t have to share my space with anyone, I can really go all out and make my space (that I’m going to spend 40+ hours a week in) awesome!

You’ve already seen my wreath for my building door (Click HERE) and the jewelry wreath for my office door (Click HERE).  Today I’m going to show some artwork I’ve done.  This may be for the hallway (from the entrance of the building to the classroom) or somewhere else in the room.  I haven’t really planned too much but the whole building is pretty much a blank canvas.

Last weekend, I had a MASSIVE garage sale and sold almost all of my furniture.  The only pieces that are left either belong to a family member who wants them back or are going with me.  Let’s just say, that my house is very empty.  Of course, we didn’t sell everything so we’re opening up again this weekend and hoping for more traffic since it’s a holiday weekend and a payday weekend.  Still, we made right at $600.  Not bad for no ad and only two signs in the Texas heat.

Anyway, I had these three fabric covered canvases that didn’t sell and so I decided to mess around with them a bit.  This the first one I made.

After taking off the fabric, I painted the canvas black.  I used my cricut expressions with the fonts from several carts to do the letters.  Finished off with a doily from the Paper Lace cartridge, yellow ribbon from dollar tree, and fake pink daisy.  I think it’s way cute and it goes with my decor.  I may be the only elementary school teacher who decorates mostly in black but whatever.  By the way, I didn’t buy anything to make this project.  That was kinda the point but still….it’s nice to think, no matter what happens to this, it was free.

This second one I did is NOT so cute.  You can really see where the letters were mod-podged on and the ladies and big pom pom don’t quite go.  Oh well, again it was free so if it ends up in the trash in a few months, it’s okay.  Lol!

The next thing I made was inspired by this pin on Pinterest.

Here is mine.

I wish you couldn’t see the brush strokes (I need to take a painting class or something).  The fleur-de-lis is from a stencil that I messed up and the little owl magnets are a gift from Beefer.  It’s not awesome but it works.  I can always repaint it and try again later.  This was all free as well.

This final project was inspired but two different pins on Pinterest.

The umbrella one is simply adorable.  Maya used to sing that song when she was smaller and so it reminds me of her.  I like the look of scrabble tiles (it’s a print so it’s not scrabble tiles….plus there are no numbers next to the letters but that’s what it made my think of.

Here is my project

I think it is adorable and, again, it was free to make because I already had everything….including, randomly, the scrabble tiles.  I cut the umbrella from the Everyday Pop-Up Cards cartridge.

Anyway, so that’s what I’ve gotten done for my classroom so far.  Today, I bought a supply caddy for my desk (Michaels was having a sale…..40% off all scrapbooking storage!) and a file crate for my desk as well.  I show pics when they’re all set up.

Thanks for reading!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!


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