Cara’s Going-Away! Party

I have the best Beefer.  Of course, I already knew that but, just in case there was any doubt in your mind, I wanted you to know.

One of the hardest parts of the decision to move was the relationships I have here.  My mom and sister live here as well as the bulk of my friends including (and especially) Amy, the beefs.

Anyway, Amy, being the kind and party-throwing person that she is, decided early on that she wanted to throw me a party and she’s been planning for weeks.  She had a pinterest board especially for Party Food (check out her Party Food Board HERE) and planned the guest list full of all of our friends.

Here is her Candy Bar.  She went with a red and white theme because we THINK those are the colors at my new school.

Here is the whole spread.

Mini Crescent Dogs Recipe via

Sausage Cheese Ball Recipe via tablespoon.comSugar cookies that spell Congrats Cara

Red Velvet Brownies with white chocolate buttercream frosting from Smells Like Home

Oreo Mini-Cheesecakes from Cargile Family Recipes (Definitely a fav)

Didn’t she do a fabulous job?  She loves to throw parties and she’s obviously good at it…..better than hermit me that’s for sure.

Thanks Amy for all of your cooking, planing, and arranging to make such a special send-off for me.  Thanks to all the guests who came to support.  Your kind words and moo-lah for the move were both greatly appreciated.  Lol!

Thanks for reading!


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