Bathroom Decor for Classroom

So, another new thing this year is having a restroom in my classroom.

The pros: if I gotta go, no worries; privacy, short distance, something else to decorate!

The cons: students will be using it too……

Luckily, I have a restroom only in emergencies policy so, hopefully, not too much of an issue. Still…..

I decided to make my bathroom decor both cute and functional. The cuts are from the Chore Chart Lite Cartridge for the Cricut and the font is Cuttin’ Up.


3 thoughts on “Bathroom Decor for Classroom

  1. Just from my room – I have a bathroom and allow the children to use it whenever they feel the need. It has not been a problem, at all, in any way. Maybe that’s because it is right there, where everyone can see it:). The only thing that happens sometimes is that small children will sing or make noise in there. Otherwise, it’s a welcome thing:).

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