My First Office

So…….I moved from a three bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment and there were a lot of things (like a pink and orange giraffe) that I love but didn’t really have a place for.

Until now…..

Welcome to my first official office!


As you can see, it’s full of crap……especially the window sills to the hallway and classroom.


I love it! I have a space separate from the classroom to put stuff I like (such as the aforementioned giraffe) and work. As you can see from the second set, it’s kinda dark in there. I bought a little lamp and have a Scentsy in there so it’s dim, smells good, and cozy. I have my iPod playing in the background on low. Quite a little cave if I do say so myself.

Its okay if you don’t like it. It’s quite a hodgepodge of a room. Also, I want it known I scrubbed all those file cabinets and they still look like that. That’s why two of them are just covered with fabric and used as a table. Lol!

Thanks for reading! I hope all my teachers friends (that haven’t started back) are enjoying these last few days!

2 thoughts on “My First Office

  1. Cara, you and I must be a lot alike. I need a nesting place at work too. We spend so much time there that it really needs to be comfortable for us, and we need to make it our own. I love it! :0)

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