Teacher Talk Tuesday……or Wednesday because this is a tad late

Good morning!  I thought I’d do a little post before work this morning though I’ve decided (in my little thinking that is not DIRECTLY correlated with the school day) that blogging and reading blogs (in my case) IS professional development.  Being the ONLY elementary music teacher in my entire district, I don’t have the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and blogging and connecting with other bloggers is a way to get beyond that.  I’m so glad the tech department unblocked access for all the sites that I use for my classroom.

Of course, they were blocking the word “music” too.  NOT helpful….no worries now, everything is cleared up.

Anyway, Blog Hoppin’ is having a hop on the topic of things to tell a brand new teacher.  It wasn’t too long ago I was in that position and, though I was on information overload most of the time, there were tidbits that were extremelyhelpful (or would have been).

So here goes…..

1.) JOIN A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION!!!  If that’s the only thing you get from this blog post, I will be happy.  I, personally, am a member of the Association of Texas Professional Educators.  Not only is it an organization that lobbys for teachers but, also, they have attorneys specifically for teachers to call on.  It costs $145 for a year but you can make payments and it is TOTALLY worth it.  Don’t find yourself in a situation that could end your career and be without help.  Think of it as an insurance policy for your career.

2.) Yes, it’s important that your students like you but they are going to like you more if you take the reins as the leader in the classroom rather than approach them like you want to be their friend.  Like it or not, you’re a position of authority and you can be there for your students but you need to be the authority figure in the classroom.  Be consistent and fair.  Of course, there are going to be situations were a little extra TLC are needed but your students need to know what to expect from you. Trust me, they’ll like you more if you are a consistent adult in their life rather than trying to be their best friend.

3.) On that same thought, grow thick skin and put on your game face.  Yesterday, I had a child scream at me.  Of course, it made me upset that a child on her first day of music was screaming at the teacher but no one in that classroom knew it made me upset because I kept my voice steady and calm and my face did not betray the emotion inside.  I’m human.  I don’t like to be screamed at but, in this situation, I’m the teacher.  I set the example and no good would have come of that situation if my reaction had been different.  The student did eventually calm down, apologized, and even hugged me when they were leaving. 

4.) Don’t let it consume your life.  I’m guilty of this even now but I work on not letting my job consume every other facet of my life.  I make (or made when I had friends…..still working on the making friends here in the new city) time to hang out with my friends and family.  I make time for my hobbies and things that I enjoy.  There are times when I take my job home with me but it’s not on a regular basis.  DISCLAIMER:  the first week of school doesn’t count!  I’m too exhausted to do anything other than work and sleep.  Lol

Alright, well there you have it.  My thoughts for a new teacher.  If you’d like to read more advice from veteran teachers, check out the hop at Blog Hoppin’.

Thanks for reading!


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