Music Brochure

After seeing Kristin Lukow’s Music Brochure on her Blog, I approached my principal about doing one as well since I am new the district.  She thought the idea was fabulous.  I used Kristin’s as a model and added/took away as needed.  For example, I needed to have this done by meet the teacher on Friday night and we didn’t get our schedules for the year until late Friday afternoon and there was NO TIME to add it.  (I made it earlier in the week any way knowing we probably wouldn’t get the schedule until the last minute because changes were still being made.)

Anyway, here is mine.  I’m not as brave as Kristin about posting personal information on the internet…..I mean, anyone could find it it’s not that hard but I’m going to post it over and over again.  I want my colleagues and students to have their privacy.


Thoughts?  (Right is underlined because I just took a screenshot in Word and the spacing is not grammatically correct according to the program…..LOL)

Thanks for reading!



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