Smart Seat: The Seating Chart App

I have 38 different groups of kids to keep track of.  Kids come and go during the year and, by the end, my paper seating charts are a mess.  I’ve heard of other teachers laminating them but I’ve never tried it.

Also, I like to use my seating chart as a grade book.  I don’t really take grades but I do take notes on children.

I found Smart Seat two days ago and have already fallen in love with it.  It is a seating chart app for your iOS device and is so handy.  I can move kids around without any erasing and adding/deleting kids is quick and painless.

I’ve already spoken with the developer (who got back with me in less than 24 hours) about something that would helpful to add and he said it was going to be in the update.

Anyway, it’s $3.99 and it’s Cara approved.

Check out this youtube video for more about this product.


2 thoughts on “Smart Seat: The Seating Chart App

  1. Is it possible to create a template in the notes section? If so, that would really save a lot of time during my music classes.

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