Its Electrifying!!!!!

Actually, no, it’s not.  Yesterday, the power went out for the ENTIRE DISTRICT and was out for the remainder of the day.  Thankfully, it happened around 1:30 so there wasn’t much day left but still……

My lesson plans for the afternoon maybe could have worked but the whole lesson would have needed to be retaught and it would have been PAINFULLY boring for all involved without any technology, recorded music, or, you know, lights.

Thankfully, again, my room has pretty decent natual light and I don’t teach computer so….

Out with the lesson plan, in with……


This book really came in handy yesterday!  I bought it in February at the TMEA (Texas Music Educator’s Association) Convention but hadn’t really used it yet.  It has 52 games and activities for students that require little or no prep time so it was very helpful in a crunch.  I only had a minute or two to skim before my next class came in yesterday.

After practicing rhythms from previous years for about ten minutes, the students and I played an ear-training/dictation game for rhythm.  The kids had a blast and were getting really good at dictation.  My college theory professor would have been proud.

Anyway, I just wanted to share.  Hopefully, we won’t have another day like that for awhile but it’s good to prepared because you never know……..

Thanks for reading!


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