My Halloween/Wicked Witch Wreath

So……I love my new halloween wreath.  It’s a little crazy and out there but I absolutely love it.  It took a while to create all of the pieces…..especially since I made two!  When I told Mom my idea and showed her my inspiration (Find it HERE), she wanted one too.

Okay, I totally had the thought that I would sew my own slippers for this or maybe make them out of clay…..yeah, totally didn’t do that……mostly because I didn’t think I would be successful with that without multiple failures.  Instead I bought baby ballet slippers at Ross Dress for Less, painted them red and then glittered them.

I knew I was going to have a hat and shoes on the wreath but the house just came to me.  It reminded me of how Dorothy’s house feel on the wicked witch of the east.

Because it’s me, you know there’s fabric flowers (Tutorial found HERE)  I also like the glittery spiders although Beefer finds them on horrifying.

So, there you have it……thoughts?


Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “My Halloween/Wicked Witch Wreath

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