It’s……..Program Time!

It’s that time of the year when procedures have been taught and practiced and basic lessons have been learned (It takes a little longer when you only see students once a week). It is now time to begin working on programs.

I both love and strongly dislike (hate was too strong a word) preparing children for musical performances. I love how excited they get when they practice on stage. I love how excited I get when they’ve mastered something. I hate (oops, I meant strongly dislike) attempting to motivate those that have a bad attitude no matter what and ask me “Do I have too?” “No, I’m teaching this to you because I really enjoy sweating and hearing myself gasp for air while you look at me like I am both crazy and stupid.”

The children don’t always grasp my sarcasm so then I have to amend the above statement but saying, “yes, you have to.”

Anyway, I’ve officially started preparing students in different grade levels for 5 (count them, 5) different programs that are coming up in the next couple months. I haven’t decided if I’m a glutton for punishment or simply crazy but I can’t justify combining grade levels when there are over 100 students per grade (in some).

6th Grade has their performance first which is at the end of this month. They are doing Halloween songs and have already learned The Addams Family Theme Song and Purple People Eater. This week, we are learning an abridged version of the Thriller dance to start the program with.

5th Grade has their performance in early November and they are doing “Teach Me to Swing” which, unbeknowest to them, I have taught and had performances for this program at three schools prior to this one. Why re-invent the wheel? It is all swing and jazz songs. I want to add some swing dancing but I don’t know if they are QUITE ready for that yet.

4th Grade’s performance is also in November but closer to Thanksgiving break and they are doing a program that is still untitled about songs from the movies.  So far, they have learned “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz.  Today, I’m going to start “I’m a Believer” from Shrek.

3rd Grade is just getting started on their program because it is not until December.  They are doing “A Bedtime Ballet.”  I just taught this program to 2nd and 3rd grade students at my last school last Spring so it is still fresh in my mind.  It is all songs about nighttime and then pieces of famous ballet works that the students dance to.  It is precious but I may be a little biased.  Last week, they learned “Oh Watch the Stars.”  They didn’t love it (mostly because it’s slow) but I’m sure it will grow on them.

Finally, the choir that I teach after-school is having a Christmas program.  Last week, we learned the most precious song ever from the newest MK8 magazine “Will You be Here this December?”  Oh my, so precious especially considering the children I work with.

Well, that’s what’s going on in my world.  PreK-2nd grade will have their performances in the Spring.  I like to get all the testing grades done first so as not to conflict with all that biz.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “It’s……..Program Time!

  1. Wow, you ARE a glutton for punishment! I prefer to spread my programs out, and not have different grade levels going at the same time. Doesn’t that make you nuts? I do one in December, one in Febrary, and one in May (gotta avoid testing season in Texas!). Choir concerts are separate. Hats off to you, girl!

    • Lol, Andrea…..I DO have those tendencies. It would probably be easier to spread these fall ones out (at least in the Spring, I can spread 4 programs out over 5 months) but I like the kids to get settled into the routine before throwing a program at them.

      Thanks for visiting!!

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