Unique Shopping Experiences in a New Place

As many of you may recall, I moved from a peaceful mid-size town of about 25,000 people to a big city of over a million people about three months ago.  The culture shock of being in traffic for 30 minutes just to drive the 7 miles to work wore off pretty soon (and, honestly, is still better than driving 40 miles in an hour to get back and forth to work that I did last year).  I have really enjoyed exploring….and I promise, I try to stay in only the better parts of the city but, sometimes, it’s hard.  That’s what locked doors and tinted windows are for right?  Of course, it helps that I’m a paranoid freak most of the time.

Anyway, in my exploring, I have found some AWESOME places to shop!  If you live in the South Texas area (or ever visit), these are my insider tips…..okay, maybe not insider yet but getting there.

The Alamo Craft Company/The Alamo Craft Mall

I absolutely LOVE this place!!  I told the owners that too.  I’m actually planning to go there tomorrow because they are having a sidewalk sale with their vendors.  I’ve actually been thinking about what it would take to open a booth there.  I’ve been asked many times about selling things I make and I think it would be fun….though I doubt I would make enough to cover renting the booth.  It is still is a fun thought.

I like Alamo Crafts the best because of their bargains (gotta love affordable awesomeness), their frequent shopper card (I’m a sucker for that biz), and the fact that there is scrapbook store inside which is also affordably priced with things I wouldn’t find at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Homestead Handcrafts

This place is also a fun place to shop.  There are tons of awesome crafts but I’m way to cheap for most of it.  There are two locations and both have different stuff so that’s exciting.  Is it bad that I like to look to get ideas? :/

Craftiques Mall

Another craft mall….though this one is a little different.  It does have handmade items but it also has a RANDOM assortment of antiques and treasures that you just wouldn’t find at a Kohl’s or a Target.  I guess, as I get older, I like things that are unique.  I don’t want to be generic.  Of course, if I really like something, I don’t care if everyone else likes it too.  It helps that I’m a weirdo who has incredible, though strange, taste.  Ha!

Anyway, this is a dangerous place….because the deals are so awesome and there is something to look EVERYWHERE!!!  I may need to go back today……

Resisting temptation…..

Alright, so there are my finds in Craft Malls but, you know me, I like the garage sales.  Since I don’t know the neighborhoods as well as I would like/don’t want to find myself in a bad place, I’ve been going to flea markets.  So far, I’ve only gone to two…I take that back.  I’ve gone to more but I didn’t go in some because they didn’t look worth it.

Trader’s Village


Apparently there are Trader’s Villages many other places but I’d never heard of it until I moved…..probably because, if you’re serious about flea markets in Texas, you drive to Canton for their monthly trade days…now that’s a bucket of awesomeness!

Anyway, I had a good time at Trader’s Village.  It cost $2 to park which I wasn’t expecting but, luckily, I had change.  I did score some good deals like a faux otterbox for my iphone for $10 and a gold owl ring for $1.  Of course, the ring broke in my purse but that happens to things more expensive than $1 all the time.  It wasn’t enormous but I enjoyed walking around and seeing everything.  Definitely worth the $2 parking.

Something unique about Trader’s Village is they have theme park rides for kids and they’re pretty cheap for a multi-ride pass.  Although I HIGHLY doubt the girls will ever get to come down here and go, that would be way fun for them.

Bussy’s Flea Market

Bussy’s Flea Market is a mixed bag.  Two sides of myself warred with each other as I explored this busy place.  The side of me that likes to be in clean, good-smelling places was horrified and ready to leave as soon as I got there.  The side of me that LOVES to find treasures in unexpected places was in Heaven.  I stayed for about an hour walking the entire thing at pretty quick pace.  I did find some treasures like an antique tool shelf that I’m planning to repurpose and some super cheap Halloween decorations for school (like $.25 cheap) so it was worth the time and smell.

Anyway, there are my suggestions for some UNIQUE shopping experiences.  I love Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, Target…..all those but, after awhile, everything starts to look the same and these places offer exactly what I’m looking for…….something different.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Unique Shopping Experiences in a New Place

  1. If you want to screen garage sales by neighborhood, I can help you avoid dangerous areas of town! 😀 Maybe we can have a garage sale saturday in a few weeks? I’m free on the 22nd.

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