Lame title I know but I was trying to come up with a fun title other than “Owl Mini-Collage in my new Craft Living Room.”  That just sounds boring.

Anyway, to go with my Craft Living Room changes (seen HERE), I decided to throw together a little mini-collage (I call it mini because all the things in it are pretty small and it just looks tiny on the vast expanse of wall.  Oh well….) that includes my new-ish owl collection.

Now, a crappy thing about living in an apartment is not really being able to make it your own.  I’ve really shyed away from putting massive holes in walls and, in that same manner, I only hung with tacks.  That’s why everything looks a little crooked. :/

The frames are garage sale finds that I painted and decorated.  Gotta love garage sales! The owl on the left and the one in the middle are both craft mall finds……one or both of these may have been an impulse buy but oh well.  The other owl is a birthday gift from Beefer.  She bought it on etsy.  It is supposed to be door hanger thingamajig but I threw up on the wall with the others.

Anyway, it is quite the little random tribute to animals that don’t look near that cute in real life…..scratch that, I’ve seen some pretty cute real owls on pinterest but that’s about it.

Thanks for reading!


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